The Parkside Players' Production of

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by James Lapine

Directed by
Kevin Schwab

Musical Director
Richard Louis-Pierre

L-R: Alison Schwab, Jerome Amanqiton, Erin Clancy-Balsamo
L-R: Erin Clancy-Balsamo, Alison Schwab, Jerome Amanquiton
L-R: Francesco LoJacono, Monica Barczak
Francesco LoJacono
L-R:  Monica Barczak, Jerome Amanquiton, Shannon Fleischman-Nee
L-R: Jaime Cradehl, Francesco LoJacono
L-R: Tiffany McCue, Erin Clancy-Balsamo
L-R: Susan Erenberg, Erin Clancy-Balsamo
L-R: Tiffany McCue, Alison Schwab
L-R: Jenna Kantor, Francesco LoJacono
L-R: Jaime Cradehl, Tiffany McCue, Shana Aborn, Jenna Kantor, Nili Resnick, Lauren Snyder,
Shannon Fleischman-Nee, Susan Erenberg, Francesco LoJacono
L-R: Jimmy O'Neill, Steven Callahan, Jaime Cradehl, Shana Aborn, David Cronin, Alison Schwab,
Jerome Amanquiton, Erin Clancy-Balsamo, Monica Barczak, Shannon Fleischman-Nee,
Susan Erenberg, Jenna Kantor, Nili Resnick, Lauren Snyder
L-R: Nili Resnick, Jenna Kantor, Susan Erenberg, Lauren Snyder, Steven Callahan, Jerome Amanquiton
L-R: Jaime Cradehl, Francesco LoJacono
L-R: Steven Callahan, Jenna Kantor, Nili Resnick, Lauren Snyder, Alison Schwab,
Jerome Amanquiton, Monica Barczak, Erin Clancy-Balsamo
L-R: Monica Barczak, Susan Erenberg, Jerome Amanquiton, David Cronin
L-R: Susan Erenberg, Jerome Amanquiton, Alison Schwab, Monica Barczak, David Cronin
L-R: Erin Clancy-Balsamo, Jerome Amanquiton
The Cast


Shana Aborn, Jerome Amanquiton, Monica Barczak, Steven Callahan, Erin Clancy-Balsamo, Jaime Cradehl, David Cronin,
Deborah Erenberg, Susan Erenberg, Shannon Fleischman-Nee, Jenna Kantor, Francesco LoJacono, Tiffany McCue, Jimmy O'Neill,
Nili Resnick, Alison Schwab, Annelise Trieitmeier-McCarthy, Lauren Snyder

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